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Electronic Super Joy Review

Posted by on Mar 11, 2016 in X-box Games |

00012D platformers in retro style have always been a popular genre for independent games, and some titles, such as Super Meat Boy and Spelunky, pride themselves on offering a hefty amount of challenge.
Developer Michael Todd brought a more recent contribution to this niche with Electronic Super Joy, where you have a small list of short levels, but often infuriating that will provide a healthy challenge for anyone willing to take it seriously. Players control an unnamed character that run and jump through dozens of levels with foregrounds solid black, with more colorful environments set the rhythm of various techno instrumentals. A global history is nonexistent, but the players will encounter many NPCs who give advice and encouragement via short text on the screen and meet more specific characters like boss fights, including the Pope!002Like many platformers, the story is not the point in this game. The focus is clearly the level designs, which see the player running, trampling and wall jump through each brief challenge. Dangers as the enemy grunts, laser beams and other projectiles are looking to cut the trip short, and since the hero dies immediately when hit, which happens often, the levels contain more checkpoints and unlimited lives, so players can have as many tests as they want. On some early levels, Electronics Super Joy is usually brutal. Even ignoring the risks mentioned above, many jumps require such perfect timing that you’re sure to see hundreds of dead from falling into empty platform before beating the game. 004Many of these levels can be mastered through xbox live gold membership, trial and error, but a factor that can often bring the experience down a whole is the inclusion of homing missiles of the enemy. Many levels contain pests and bow as they try always to take the player down, but even those who are willing to study their movement patterns will have problems with the levels.
It is often impossible to keep track of each missile on the screen when there are half a dozen flying everywhere, and even if the stomp attack can be used to destroy, they often respawn, and players can leave in a vulnerable position after. In addition, while it is true that the levels usually contain several checkpoints, they can feel too far apart. A good comparison would be to make the test series, which is generally much more generous with checkpoint placement. Here, you do not usually just a difficult section to pass through before you reach a checkpoint with recognition, but often two or three. Games like Super Joy electronics rewards perseverance for those willing to engage in it, but will scare the casual gamers. The inclusion of factors such as the pesky missiles unfortunately led to some cheap-feeling segments, but the parts that really matter are skills and feeling of superiority after finishing of certain levels.

Gone Home for Playstation 4

Posted by on Feb 26, 2016 in PS4 Games |

After its successful passage through PC, the fantastic Gone Home comes to Playstation 4 maintaining its ability to trap you with an enigmatic story is about what defines us and how others see us intact.A lonely house and a mystery to solve you do not need anything else!

001You are Katie, a young woman returning from a vacation in Europe to the new family home, but when he realizes that neither her parents nor her younger sister in the house. And the impossibility of something so simple in the XXI century as send a Whatsapp, becomes one of the best stories in video game format this year.
Its ability to deceive and connect with the player is amazing, given the few resources at their disposal. While slight tension to create use of a good technical section is done to create the atmosphere, Gone Home does through elements that everyone can easily recognize. constant that the house might be haunted, a lit television shows only fog, red Christmas lights on the stairs to the attic, are not very complicated to create things and yet perfectly fulfill their function mentions much or more than some graphics exception.

003Through the first-person perspective Katie, we feel like it, coming to a place we do not know and no possibility of contact with our family. We will have Free PSN Gift Card Codes to investigate every room, letters and little secrets of each family to find out what happened. But as simple as this exercise, Gone Home shows his true intelligence: before each new track, each new room, we always have a bad feeling. Because man always fears the worst to fear of the unknown. An apparently bloodied, for example, bath makes us believe that our whole family has been massacred, immediately afterwards to realize that simply was red hair dye.
Not that Gone Home has a mechanical skill and complex challenge. In fact, they are practically nonexistent, but the title is capable of coping doing that at all times we want to investigate what happened in the house.

002 It’s that curiosity and voyeurism to get into the lives of others to gradually understand parents and Katie’s sister through their secrets, much better than a lifetime with them. Gone Home is also a tender story, playing with our beliefs, our prejudices to expose a story about the human condition that rarely have the luck to experience in this medium. And it does so through the game, so impossible to move through the paper or film.
The Fullbright Company has found the key in creating an environment with a limited budget, using the popular Unity engine to create a house that breathes life. It’s not a game you go to dive deeper for its graphics, even as the latest Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture of PlayStation 4, with those so well built environments. Gone Home is a title you go to find a great story told with pieces of the life of a family, to the point to connect with them and understand that all people are more than what we see with the naked eye and have their own secrets.

Eagle Artillery Guide

Posted by on Jan 8, 2016 in Clash of Clans Tactics |

The newest Clash of Clans brought many new elements in the game, including new hero – Grand Warden. Besides that, players got newest defensive structure in the game – Eagle Artillery!

Eagle artillery is extremely powerful defense structure available with clash of clans hack on  Town Hall level 11. It is important to note that Eagle Artillery has unlimited range, in other words it covers entire map! From other side, similar like Mortar, it has dead zone circle close to its base. At the beginning of attack Eagle Artillery will not be in function, there are certain things that are acting as trigger. It will automatically start to fire when your enemy deploy at least 150 house space in units, then it starts to shoot three shots in interval of 10 seconds among them. Eagle Artillery is able to inflict significant damage to troops on the field, but it has relatively small splash damage upon impact. This small radius of damage is not preventing Eagle Artillery to be extremely useful, and almost necessary element of defence in higher level Clash of Clans bases.

Eagle Artillery will target and hit that portion of the map where are the highest density of enemy troops, in other words it will target area with most units. It is vary useful for annihilating hige waves of Barbarians or Archers. Splash damage is minimal. It will not cover larger area, but it is still useful and significant. Note that Eagle Arillery will not target the same target until its destruction – it will attack another target if new object has more hit points. In some way it is useful, it leaves wounded targets for other defensive structures like Archer Tower or Cannons.
It is noticeable where to place Eagle Artillery and in general te4rms it has similar position like Mortar. We can say that Eagle Artillary is bigger, improved version of Mortar – so stick to the middle and protect it with additional Towers like Wizard Tower or Archer Towers.

Eagle Artillery responses well to upgrades, at level 1 it will appear with silver. eagle head on a podium, while at level 2 the color will turn in golden. Those are only cosmetic upgrades, but it can help you to determine the level of Eagle Artillery if you are in the role of attacker.
The Eagle Artillery is significant upgrade in Clash of Clans, specifically regarding defense. You can combine this structure with other towers to create almost undefeatable line of defense, mostly with Cannons and Inferno Towers.

Learn From the Best Instagramers

Posted by on Nov 25, 2015 in Instagram Tips |

If you want to be sucesfull on Instagram, you should learn from the best! This time we are presenting you free instagram followers and some of the best Instagramers, some of them have milions of followers! Read, learn and apply!

Jany Parkis have more than 872,000 followers, and he started his Instagram carier almost by accident. One day his doctor told him to do more exercise. Some days he uses its “picture walk” as a substitute for gym time and get some great shots of neighborhood: While I have plenty of time to take pictures because of my work, every day I switch on a path along the river, and my workplace are close to scenic spots such as river, a palace, a urban park, and other places introduced in my pictures. Most of my pictures are taken during my lunch or on the way home, and sometimes I miss the gym for a photo walk.

With all flattering filters on Instagram, you can produce a lot of great shots, including self-portraits. Martina Varilova is a queen of self-portraits on Instagram. She has 438,000 followers at this moment and explains – I’m fascinated with the idea of being so far in the shot as I can. This requires a combination of use 30 seconds delay timer Camera, composing the shot, then run full speed to get to my brand. A tool that I have to say changed the way I shoot my Gorillapod for iPhone, which allows me to attach my phone trees, items, and almost anything you can imagine. Danko Nikosi with more than 867,000 followers)is a believer in the proper image composition, in a aestetic element, that photo should be pleasing to the eye. He sais – I value the composition, and my advice to others would be to pay attention to the rule of thirds and to think that there’s something inherently pleasing to the human brain when the elements are aligned to the thirds. I also recommend you to straighten your photos.It helps to ground the elements and get right perspective.

Most Instagramers take multiple shots with the iPhone camera application and then upload it to Instagram. How many, you may ask? Mia Danaka has nearly 397,000 followers and she explains how many shots were put before capturing the perfect one – I would say, on average, it takes 40 to 60 images per day within 60 minutes. Outside of that I speak maybe six or seven Instagrams as I am proud to show the world. Not every shot is going to be good. This is especially true when you’re first, but with practice and patience, you can find your own style that works best for you.

Best Instagram Pro Tips

Posted by on Nov 24, 2015 in Instagram Tips |

Instagram is the greatest marketing tool ever made with free instagram likes! Period! It is my personal experience and in this article. I want to share some best tips that I discovered along the way:

When using Instagram on such way make the communication must be adequate to the platform and it is useful to include a 15 second commercial that is explicitly fashioned and corrected to grasp responsiveness of your viewers. Your focus should be for original content that gives a subjective touch. Instagram is great in segmenting your digital customers through different platforms like Facebook or Twitter and that can help you to present your content to larger number of audience. Internet marketing experts declare that Instagram helps you to advertise your brand and products as well as other services with low-cost. Another option is to use Instagram video for successful marketing. Using Instagram on such way by targeting audience gives much more likes and followers in the digital galaxy and that will support your efforts to reach the largest number of social media platforms.

Social media expert Maris Clarkisi writes that many high interest profiles on Instagram have an overall theme or point of view that makes it compelling to audience. Ask yourself, what is mine? Many accounts of successful Instagram have a certain subject that carries throughout each of your shots. Maybe you’re a small restaurant that wants to highlight delicious menu, if that’s the case, find the inspiration. This could mean that it is completely based on the location, as based in many examples on Instagram. You should organize your ideas in specific tactic or strategy and be persistent in your Instagram marketing effords.

Instagram is a social image-based platform, which means that the content is of great interest in design. Social Media Marketing Consultant Jean Dori says that if you are using a mobile device to take a picture of Instagram, only the best of the two slots should be used so, stop using the front camera (the one people use for selfies) The rear camera is far better solution that takes pictures with a much higher resolution if you want to make your images stand out, get someone to take your picture and ditch the selfie, or try to “shoot blindly” with the camera looking back. Learn some basic photographic techniques can help give an advantage over novice photographers Instagram. And if your photographer is a professional, all you have to do is worry about hashtags!

Instagram for Business

Posted by on Nov 8, 2015 in Instagram Tips |

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social network, with 460 million members who share 86 million pieces of video content every day. It is also the network representing instagram followers hack highest commitment message above 6%, while platforms like Facebook and Twitter to reach less than 2% commitment.With these striking statistics, you can expect that companies come to Instagram to take advantage of this. However, only 36% of worldwide brands are on Instagram, compared with 83% and 72% on Facebook and Twitter respectively.
So what happens? For the defense of Instagram, it is still relatively new compared to other systems and is often seen as more of a niche audience. It is easier for companies to amortize Instagram because they feel that their products or services are “visual” enough, but most industries can find a way to make it work. Some of the most successful accounts not outwardly promote their offerings at all, but rather focus on their equipment, facilities and technology to add visual appeal to your social presence.

If you are not sure whether or not your company is a good option for Instagram, or just want to take your profile to the next level, take a page from these several brands that are absolutely killing online.

Nasty Gal began his rise to fashion royalty in Myspace (when it was still a thing), so there is no better place to start than with a brand that was launched through the help of the media. Before becoming a Nasty Gal relied on social networks to follow the latest trends and see what target audience of consumers was interested in. As Nasty Gal has evolved in recent years, they continued its dominance of social media, especially on Instagram.

GoPro – 6.7 million followers
GoPro is the perfect example of a company that does not have an overtly sexy or flashy product, but the nature of the photography industry lends itself perfectly to Instagram. In most of their jobs, thay sees the product at all, but rather the point of view of the camera.

Besides creating a highly quality product, GoPro has successfully created a culture of adventure around brand. Each image sharing raises the question of where you make your next GoPro. Some of these images reflect experiences of a once-in-a-lifetime, such as skydiving, while others show how you can incorporate a GoPro in their everyday activities.